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Furniture repair and restoration serving the Albuquerque metro area

..... a little bit of Bruno's History

Tom Bruno helped his late Father Salvatore Bruno, aka Sam Bruno- repair furniture from 1979 to 1982, then joined the Marine Corps, (repaired furniture during his 4 years in the Corps while stationed in California, and when coming home on leave) until he was Honorably Discharged in 1986 and went to work for his late father, once again until 1990, when he left and went to work for a furniture store from 1990 until 1993 delivering and repairing furniture for them (their own inventory), but also did furniture repair on the side for the general public during this time.

In 1993, Tom Bruno started his own shop ( Tommy's Furniture Repair) with a mere tool box and $50 material deposit from his first customer....out of his home, and grew it to 6 full time employees and 3000 sq ft of shop by 1999- which at the time was on Lomas NE. Tom Bruno's shop was jammin' with work! He sold his shop in 2001 to a former employee, so he could become a Licensed NM Realtor, and since then- the buyer of Tommy's Furniture Repair closed in 2010 for unknown reasons.

In the meantime, once 2008 rolled around and the economy collapsed, Tom could no longer survive on just real estate sales, and started restoring furniture again on a very part time basis in 2008...... finally realizing that furniture restoration was in such high demand, it seemed like a safe place to stay for a while. Tom decided to leave real estate, indefinitely- and in December of 2011 opened a location at 6538 4th St NW, in Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, called Tom Bruno's Furniture Repair aka Bruno's Furniture Repair. 

Jump to 2019- After 32 cumulative years, Tom is going to phase out of the industry over time.... too physically demanding on the limbs.  Tom Bruno's son Preston Bruno proudly carries 'the torch'! 

Preston is very good and has, in fact- been doing the majority of the restorations and repairs for years now, anyway.